In today’s video find out what are the money habits behind every rich person from Kevin Hart, Ramit Sethi, Marie Forleo and more! You’ll get expert advice on how to obtain knowledge, take control of your money, never say NO to honest money, aim to become an owner and invest smart.

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43 thoughts on “5 MONEY HABITS Behind EVERY RICH Person! | #BelieveLife”
  1. This is brain food! Evan we really appreciate your work. Man your truly a blessings to the community! I'm willing to lend my services to you and your team i'm an engineer/ producer. I'll edit your audio or make music for your channel.. Your the greatest dude! I really have a different look towards certain things! Much blessings

  2. #Believe … Just with the first half of the video I realize that I don't have money, even when I want financial freedom, because deep inside I just want money for everyday needs for me and my family, and not for doing big things for us and others…

  3. Respect and love to Kev Hart, he spoke absolute TRUTH in a clear concise manner and you can tell it came from the heart. Your opinion on his comedy is your opinion, but he said nothing wrong here. Very inspiring…🙌🏾✊🏾

  4. I learn to redefine my definition of freedom. I am a teacher who left the classroom and I am very nervous about it. But after viewing your series, I feel that I need to focus on the present and not so much in the past/future. I want that control of my life but I still have to think bigger when it comes to defining what my freedom is. ~Audrey

  5. I don't like how the video starts with Evan saying that we have a "lack of belief in yourself." I found the One Word book, which was otherwise good, was saying similar. It kept assuming we are not already successful. I do believe in myself, and I am already successful. I definitely intend to be more successful, but I am not just getting started – I've been at this a while. Is this channel just for people who have never tasted any type of success?

  6. I believe that people who get started now will be multi millionaires, i am going to do it, so are you. Lets go. Universe will deliver. Lets attract positivity only. 👊🥂
    Evan Carmichael, you also👊😎

  7. LOVE this channel! 99% is awesome, but #2 here (Tom) is part of the other 1%. He did tons of talking without saying much at all. Very interesting different approach of starting top down, rather than first examining what’s wrong. Other than that, meh…

  8. In our game of monopoly if you sleep you don’t get rent…..this teaches you to pay attention to your business😂😀😂. If a player lands on your property and you don’t ask you don’t get the rent. No direct debts setup on a monopoly….

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