Cardi B – “Money” (Official Audio)

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38 thoughts on “Cardi B – Money (Official Audio)”
  1. Look, my bitches all bad, my niggas all real
    I ride on his dick in some big tall heels
    Big fat checks, big large bills
    Front, I'll flip like ten cartwheels
    Cold ass bitch, I give broads chills
    Ten different looks and my looks all kill
    I kiss him in the mouth, I feel all grills
    He eat in the car, that's meals on wheels (Woo)

    I was born to flex (Yes)
    Diamonds on my neck
    I like boardin' jets, I like mornin' sex (Woo)
    But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (Money)
    All I really wanna see is the (Money)
    I don't really need the D, I need the (Money)
    All a bad bitch need is the (Money flow)
    I got bands in the coupe (Coupe)
    Bustin' out the roof
    I got bands in the coupe (Coupe)
    Touch me, I'll shoot (Bow)
    Shake a lil ass (Money)
    Get a little bag and take it to the store (Store, money)
    Get a little cash (Money)
    Shake it real fast and get a little

  2. Me: I just found 50 sweet

    My mom:it's mine

    Me:mhm sure

    Mom:you find anything in this house it's mine

    Me:so I'm not rich*me listening to cardi b money*

    Mom:*turns music to old school stuff*


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