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Here it is, guys! It feels strange to just sit in front of you guys and share all of this, but I truly hope that it will be helpful or insightful for you! I’m hoping to do more videos like this in the near future so I can break things down even more. You guys asked over 100 questions!! I definitely want to answer as many as I can. :]

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“Faster Car” by Loving Caliber

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39 thoughts on “How I Make Money as an Artist!”
  1. thank you SO much. it's really rare to get such transparency, it's easy to assume some people are hiding some big secret thing that allows them to succeed and get discouraged.

  2. This is what I really needed to hear. I have been stressing about how the start of shop would be that it would hold me back from creating art and now I am getting the hang of producing art and little content. It is definitely a process!

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing everything in such detail. I was hanging on your every word. I'm terrified but determined to start my own business and it all seemed so ephemeral and unknown until now. It's still obviously a risk (and to be honest I'm still a chicken) but somehow you sharing numbers and showing what can be done via different income streams made it seem like more of a possibility, more of a reality and a therefore a shade less daunting. Also, I had no idea that Skillshare pays per view time. I'm so thankful to know that, because I recently purchased a membership but didn't know that with it I have a platform to help support you and other artists while watching your incredible content. That's a business model I can get behind. Thanks again many times over.

  4. When you publish a class on Skillshare do you have to be a member? I already used up my 2 month free membership unfortunately, but I'd love to create a class.

  5. i just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. its super scary to share my art with anyone, but after watching this and hearing out what you've had to say, I think I'm gonna give it a go. <3
    BTW I can't want for stickers to come into your shop again. I love your art so much.

  6. Arleesha, Thank you so much for this video, you have answered so many questions that I have been having. Looking forward to seeing your future videos. Take care, Stay safe. ~Barbara

  7. Thank you for this. I had to leave my career as a nurse due to becoming disabled. I'm so excited and hopeful to begin sharing my art and handcrafted watercolor. You have been very helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much!

  8. I needed this a lot, lol I came on here because I saw a post saying that artist struggle to make money (recently got into realism).I almost gave up so Thank You!

  9. This was interesting and informative, thank you. I'm still a hobby artist. I started late at 50. I'm going to have to find some courage and self belief 🙂

  10. I am looking to make part time money I can’t go over income wise starting soc sec but I want to teach again music & art going to check into skill share for teaching. YouTube is real hard it takes forever to upload videos. I am self taught music & art . Yeah I want to keep it simple yet make a little extra money.
    Thank for the info

  11. This video is so incredibly helpful thank you so much!! but I can't really seem to find the answer anywhere!! do you need a license to sell prints and stickers and artwork in general??

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