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This is how much YouTube paid us for 8 million views for the ads. In this video we break down creator business into four categories (merch, adsense, paid content, and brand deals).

00:00 – 1:38 Intro
1:39 – 2:16 The 4 Categories of Creator Business
2:17 – 2:54 Adsense, Explained
2:55 – 3:39 How much we make on Adsense
3:40 – 4:48 Making more money from Adsense
4:49 – 6:04 Brand Deals, Explained
6:05 – 7:09 What a Brand Deal Looks Like
7:10 -7:28 Diversifying Creator Business
7:29 – 8:55 Merch, Explained
8:56 – 10:21 Paid Content, Explained
10:22 – 11:54 Studio Tour
11:55 – 14:21 Secret Section

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50 thoughts on “How Much Money YouTube Pays Us (125k Subscribers)”
  1. Yo, I love this channel, have been binging for the past 3 days, the content is great and I've started to study your videos to help with building my youtube channel. Starting out and looking for those north stars, found here.

  2. Back in the day my dad got a couple hundred subs and when ge got his first adsense check my mind was blown that he could get $200 from youtube. I was like 6 so that was a lot of money to me

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