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This is how much YouTube paid us for 8 million views for the ads. In this video we break down creator business into four categories (merch, adsense, paid content, and brand deals).

00:00 – 1:38 Intro
1:39 – 2:16 The 4 Categories of Creator Business
2:17 – 2:54 Adsense, Explained
2:55 – 3:39 How much we make on Adsense
3:40 – 4:48 Making more money from Adsense
4:49 – 6:04 Brand Deals, Explained
6:05 – 7:09 What a Brand Deal Looks Like
7:10 -7:28 Diversifying Creator Business
7:29 – 8:55 Merch, Explained
8:56 – 10:21 Paid Content, Explained
10:22 – 11:54 Studio Tour
11:55 – 14:21 Secret Section

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