Can you make money on YouTube in 2020?

How much money do you make from 1 million views?

Do you make a full time income off YouTube ads?

How much work goes into making a YouTube video?

You might have thought about these questions before so I got Roberto Blake to come on the channel and talk about YouTube and Adsense where he lays out what niche makes the most money and how much effort is required to become a YouTuber.

To be clear Roberto makes a LOT more money from other activities involving YouTube but in this talk we wanted to focus on the ADSENSE part of the YouTube revenue.

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27 thoughts on “How to Make Money From YouTube | With Roberto Blake”
  1. Yeah growing a channel is hard. I’ve hit a few buttons that I’ve worked and it’s been a nice chunk of change every month. But it’s taken me 4 years or so of working hard and grinding. Giving up and then coming back.

  2. Hey Did Mike Ever get this Dude too Answer Original Question of …….

    Here Bro “How Much Money did You make end of 2019”…… Lolz Did I Miss this Answer Lolzzz or was this Question avoided and OOOOOFFFFFT ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHANGE OF SUBJECT MATTER Skillzzzzzz iv Ever heard Lolz VeryGood in way of Mike could easily find out , However, Who Really likes too share there Earnings etc… eh ??!!?? Lolz

  3. Anyone ever notice how Youtubers network with each other, whatever the common special interest of the content creators are there is usually a connection between many of them a social circle just by being creators?

  4. Wow Roberto, thank u for teaching us those important lessons in a couple of minutes. U should be offered a position of head of marketing – Vice president of marketing, in a fortune 500 company.

  5. This is a really good video, but wow is it demotivating. I am glad I started my channel before watching it or else I would have never begun. Its taken me a relatively short time to get to where I am at now, even though for the first two years I was taking 6 month long breaks between sets of uploads. I guess my case is an anomaly? If so it goes to show that there is no set formula or standard for succeeding on this platform no matter what the experts say. No one can truly say, 'do this and don't do that and expect this to happen' because everyone's channel and circumstances are different.

  6. Amazing video Mike and thanks for sharing your insights Roberto! Definitely had my fair share of view validation and it really burnt me out, especially during lockdown. Hope there are more interviews like this in the future!!

  7. I remember seeing Roberto posting his Youtube Links on Graphic Design Google+ Communities back in 2013/14, thinking wtf man, stop spamming all your vids! haha……. now, he has 455k subs. Persistence and hardwork pays off!

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