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Transparency: We used motion picture money when making this video. Everyone who received money in the video were paid by check after they left for security purposes(I can’t just carry 6 figures in cash lol). Everyone received 100% of the money they were given.

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36 thoughts on “I Opened A FREE BANK”
  1. WOOOHOOOO!! I was APPROVED for my loan! Now I'll finally be able to fulfill my lifelong childhood dream of owning a portable hole! YESSSSS!!!!! Eat your heart out Bugs Bunny!! This Rulez!

  2. Hi mr. beast can u help me with your money? we need to build a new house because our house was devastated by typhoon Ursula last year here in the Philippines, until now we are living in a house made of plastic for tent. After that typoon we suffer from pandemic. my son is your no.1 fan he really adores the way you help to other people. Pls read my comment. thank you

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