I Spent 8 Hours Using Money Making Apps

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In this video I sit down and test the whole concept of making money online through apps on your phone. There are a lot of videos out there talking about how you can make a ton of money through these apps, so I wanted to put that to the test. The apps I downloaded paid for completing certain tasks and surveys. There were a lot of different survey apps, none of them were really a good source for making money online. If you would like to make a significant income online, I would recommend learning a high income skill such as graphic design, writing code or social media marketing. However if you wanna make the big bucks online, you have to start online business such as Shopify Dropshipping, SMMA, Amazon FBA etc.


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  4. this way takes a little more time. if you want an extra couple of bucks, this one is fast if you keep up with it. its just writing quick reviews for companies as a test market before they sell it. mostly music reviews.

    Here is the link:

  5. I'm not a bot but I use the Mobile Performance Meter (android only) and you just have it sit and get I think $5 to join and 10 cents a day to let it sit. Ngl it's the best because you dont even do anything

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