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Big Thanks to Mr Ash Mufareh to let me be part of something great – Renata Grgic

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Big Thanks to Mr Ash Mufareh to let me be part of something great – Renata Grgic
Dear Founders and whole ONPASSIVE nation!

All of you have inspired me with your comments, posts, videos, webinars, great speakers, wonderful personalities, and experts…thank You!

So I needed to do something for All of You too. I made the song “We Will Change the World.”

I dedicate it to the whole ONPASSIVE nation.

Big thanks to our CEO, Mr. Ash Mufareh, for this opportunity. I have been looking for all my life to be a part of something GREAT, to find like-minded people, and to make a world a better place for everyone.

Big thanks to my sponsors, Darius Edwards and his (double-trouble) brother Dan for their efforts to lead our Team Edwards Domination team and continuous support.

Big thanks to my small but team with a big heart for trusting me and for trusting in ONPASSIVE

We, Will, Change the World-

In It to Win It

Renata Grgic

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