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#Gofounders: Many Thanks Again and Again to Mr Ash Mufareh – Jozsefne Takacs – Hungary

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Have a nice day. Everyone!
The Advent wait is over, and we put out the flames of all four candles. The anticipation of preparation lives on in us. I have the same anticipation of preparation towards ONPASSIVE. Growing up, I have a feeling that our lives will change soon! So far, I didn’t know exactly who I was going to help. I already know this today, because I am quite sure that I will have the money to implement it. Many thanks again and again to Mr. Ash Mufareh, his colleagues, Eva Farbas, for her persistent enthusiasm, faith and direct sponsor György Reteiter for 2 years. I wish a blessed holiday & New year to all alpine members!
Jozsefne Takacs – Hungary

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