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Hi i am abdelilah anouja internet marketer presenting ONPASSIVE

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Hi, I am Abdelilah Anouja, Internet Marketer of Moroccan origin

I won’t just to tell you a bit about me and an exciting USA-based company.

During the last 17 years, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in Technology and Digital Marketing in order to achieve Financial Freedom and help others do the same.

My journey with online marketing has led me, last year, to an exciting new adventure called OnPASSIVE.

OnPASSIVE is the best business ever, that you will not regret being part of.

Anyway, I will be sharing some content in this channel explaining what it’s all about.

With my position as one of the founders of OnPASSIVE, I aim to provide my followers with an Expert insight on how to make money the smart way instead of the hard one.

I hope to effectively extend my knowledge to my followers in a way that my sharing becomes an important reference for those interested in drawing income from the internet.

I am married and the father of two lovely daughters.

I have been an autodidact Internet Marketer since 2003, and a freelance AutoCAD designer since 1996, while in the ’80s, I studied architecture in the Netherlands.

I have a passion for professional networking and am also interested in 3D printing, arts, photography, Hi-Tech, green energy, and Forex trading.

As a French and Arabic native speaker and regardless of the fact that English is my third language, I have always challenged myself to continue prospecting and testing innovative ideas and worldwide projects like OnPASSIVE, the IT and AI mega-company.

In 2015, I wrote and published an eBook, and now working on my second one,

where I will be sharing my experience as a non-English native speaker who somehow succeeded in generating earnings online from an English audience.

It means language is no barrier anymore if you want to succeed online, especially for those who will be using the Artificial Intelligence-based tools of OnPASSIVE.

By the way, currently, a part of my income comes from the internet.

Thanks to OnPASSIVE, I am expecting to become a full-time Online Entrepreneur and reach my Financial Freedom soon.

Thank you for watching and God bless all of you.

A Bill Must Production


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