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How influencers cash in with #OnPassive – Dr Bill Williams OnPassive Leader

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#ONPASSIVE allows INFLUENCERS to CASH IN by enabling monetization of their social media and business connections using O-Net, O-Cademy, and 50 other A.I. and machine learning-enabled products, portfolios, and services.

1. How Followers on Social Media Typically Maximize Their Income
• How do you monetize most social media channels such as YouTube?
• Views of ads add up to say $1000 per one million views of your video
• You must put up new ads daily, weekly to get continuous revenue
• This is work that pays a small amount and must be continued to be successful
• This method is only lucrative for the top 1% of YouTubers

2. How Followers on O-Net Social Media Platform Maximize Your Income
• Put up one video on O-Net
• Get a link to it for all your followers to opt-in to see it on O-Net
• Everyone who sees it, will automatically get a 7-Day Free Trial to all of OnPassive
• Once they see it, they will love it, and many will choose to become a customer
• Anyone who comes in through your link, is your customer…for life.
• You will receive large monthly subscription commissions …for life
• One video, sent one time, to one list of followers equals income stream for life
• With OnPassive, 99% will win and for those who work at it, they’ll win big.

3. How Teachers and Instructors Can Monetize Their Content
• Becoming a part of ONPASSIVE gives You O-Cademy, the new educational platform
• Put up your courses, classes, content and showcases you to the world
• OnPassive markets classes for you to the world with no restrictions on language
• O-Connect is a part of the O-Cademy portfolio and will allow an unlimited number of viewers, students, classes, for your instruction.
• Once anyone logs into any course you give, free or paid, they will have to register with name and email. That starts them on the 7-Day Free Trial of OnPassive also.
• Anyone who becomes a customer from your link becomes your retail customer and you get a monthly subscription. Your income center grows without you doing anything but connecting with people, putting out content, teaching and instructing. Residual income builds from day one and never stops.
• With OnPassive helping you reach and teach more, you will make more than in a single classroom setting and 99% will still win from the residual income alone.
If you want more info on Onpassive, get back to whoever shared this video with you. They can also help you join and become a founder. If you have no previous connections and wish
to become a Founder and have use of the entire OnPassive ecosystem and be in the residual income stream, go here today and register –

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