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O-Mail organizational Communication in a hassle free manner

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O-Mail organizational Communication in a hassle-free manner.
Switch to an easy and effort-less way to communicate at your workplace.
know more about O-Mail.
O-Mail is an e-mail platform created by OnPassive. The platform enables the users to
exchange communication and gives them a unique experience of communicating in a
hassle-free manner. O-Mail has various features that make it the best e-mail platform and
also prove to be a significant competitor in the global market.
Al technology in O-Mail has smart features like unlimited storage, online and offline
integration of calendars, synchronization of email across multiple devices, import contacts
and addresses from the existing email address to name a few from the platter of various
features that is offered by the email platform. O-Mail users are given many options to
customize according to their preferences and enable notifications across multiple devices,
scheduling mails and so on.
O-Mail strives to provide the best experience to its users worldwide by enabling latest
updates in the email platform, one that would create engaging and long term relationship
with the users.
Key Features of O-Mail.
O-Mail, an AI-powered email service comes with multiple features that enhance the ease with which you send and receive mails and manage your contacts. It is a convenient and a user-friendly solution to all your e-mailing needs.

Access online and
offline Calendars.

Sync e-mails across
multiple device.

Import contacts from old
e-mail to your O-Mail account.

Customize and enable


Get Unlimited
Storage space.

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