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Automate your company administrative and recruiting process
Redefine the way you manage your resources with an intricately built AI-powered next-gen tool
Know More about O-Staff.
O-Staff, a personalized HRMS portal, developed to provide relevant and cost-effective HR
solutions. O-Staff comes with fully automated and advanced technology to all shapes and
sizes of industries to leverage efficiency and effectiveness.
It automates all HR related operations that include employee information, leave balances,
attendance portal via face recognition with a timesheet, training, appraisals, payslips,
employee onboarding and much more.
O-Staff also automates the company administrative and recruiting process. Additionally,
O-Staff includes greetings like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, work anniversary,
employee onboard, promotions, appraisals, open position announcements, company
events, product release, and holiday notifications. O-Staff is a cloud based HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and HRMS Human Resource Management System).
that integrates core and HR functions into one solution.
Key Features of O-Staff
Bringing a new edge to how you manage your resources O-Staff introduces the new way of automating management. Know about the multiple features that our AI-enabled HRMS tool O-Staff comes with.
Time and attendance management.
Recruiting and hiring.
Leave management.
Payroll management.
Employee Onboarding.
ESS Employee Self Service
and MSS Manager Self Service.
Please keep in touch for more updates on O staff.
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