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ONPASSIVE BILL MUST – Why Brands are Leading Consumers towards Sustainability

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ONPASSIVE BILL MUST – Why Brands are Leading Consumers towards Sustainability
One of the major buzz words found in corporate documents, websites, and management journals is “sustainability.” Few people even want to place it in an organization’s balance sheet as an asset. A survey found that one in three people now buy products with sustainability in mind. Brands are no longer having the privilege of overlooking sustainable practices. Also, the brands are always trying to push their respective consumers towards sustainability with their efforts. The result is getting visible in the regular shopping preferences of a customer.

The Importance of Sustainability
Sustainability is certainly a new way of doing business. Though sustainability is not an asset that can be purchased or traded, instead, it’s becoming an indispensable part of many a business’s philosophies. Just as business management practices impact business value, so do sustainability initiatives, and this decides whether brands will encourage consumers towards sustainability or move away from it. Hence, the question is: How does it create value? Brands must share their purpose for the society or the environment where sustainable living is standard practice and build a better way of doing business with their brands and drive consumers towards sustainability.


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