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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: Ways to use video to connect with customers in a better way

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A shift brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic made us feel a bit isolated these days. The ‘human’ aspect of customer interactions is at its lowest, posing a risk of hampered customer retention. However, video marketing is coming up as a rescue to cope up with the challenge at hand. Businesses are employing the effective use of videos to gain new customers’ trust and retain the existing ones.

“Video marketing has become the fastest-growing trend of the digital era,” said Matt Byrom, managing director of Wyzowl, in the advocacy of today’s video marketing trend.

A report by Wyzowl himself underlines the importance of video in the marketing strategy. It shows that 82% of companies believe in the power of video in building trust among viewers.

Keeping the advantages of video marketing in mind, business owners must explore the landscape of video marketing strategies. This article provides basic guidelines as to how videos can be used to connect with customers in a better way.

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