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#ONPASSIVE Company, Concept, & Compensation – Jeffery Morlock (HOH)

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#ONPASSIVE Company, Concept, & Compensation – Jeffery Morlock

Mr. Ash Mufareh is the visionary that has the internet all a buzz by creating a Total Internet Solution, fueled by connectedness and automated through AI, that generates unlimited traffic and residual income for its members. ONPASSIVE’s mantra is “AI with Heart.”

Mr. Mufareh earned his Master’s Degree in Information Technology & E-Commerce (MIT) in 2002 through the American InterContinental University. He has continued his education and is an IT Professional in every sense of the word.

In 2005, he achieved the Master Affiliate position as a producer in Global Domains International (GDI), by offering way for members to participate in online business. He still holds that position. In 2014, he founded GDI Fusion and is currently its CEO.

For twenty years he has been an influencer… a mover and shaker in the online space of Marketing and Information Technology… advancing technology and e-commerce as a marketing expert. He has a unique understanding of what is needed for success and an equally unique perspective for creating it on a global scale. He is a man with vision and a man with a heart for the human condition. But most importantly, he is a man with the ambition, the will, and the means to provide success to all that will join the ONPASSIVE movement; to all that will join the online paradigm shift that is ONPASSIVE.

What do I mean by that? Well, a paradigm is a model. The concept is pretty straightforward. Current online business models offer any number of tools for an entrepreneur to develop a business… or they offer training to develop a business; usually at a hefty price. Then the fledgling business owners have to get traffic to that business to make sales and/or recruit others to also drive traffic to the site for sales. Traffic can be purchased but, without an economy of scale, it too comes at a hefty price. In any case, the marketers get paid commissions for those sales. But tools… like bulk-mailers, contact mangers, funnels, websites, traffic sources, etc., used for getting sales can be very expensive and recruiting can be exceedingly difficult. When I say that ONPASSIVE is an online paradigm shift, I am simply saying that its radically new model will change the way things are done online while rendering the current model… the old paradigm… obsolete. And the ONPASSIVE concept is pretty simple too. We just put every tool needed for your success in one place at the lowest, fair-market value on the planet. Then, as a member, we recruit, sell, and brand for you. As a re-seller, we do those things and even pay you a residual income. And I don’t mean peanuts. I mean an oncome that will become substantial. In other words, we manage everything soup-to-nuts to build your customer-base, sell your products, and brand your business while streaming residual income to your wallet in real time for a fraction of your current costs.

What kind of company can do that? We are ONPASSIVE. A global Artificial Intelligence / Information Technology (AI/IT) Company based in America, with its own complete, online marketing platform and products. Think of our platform as an abbreviated internet. With offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we’re already a tech giant with hundreds of staff and represent the world’s first Total Internet Solution (TIS) for solving real-world challenges related to products, sales, and income.

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