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#ONPASSIVE: Hello my extended founder family – Steven Ozsvath

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Hello my extended founder family,
Incomprehensible to some, but comprehensible to most active and dedicated founders to witness OnPassive incredible growth.

Passing the half million global founder count it is a positive declaration of success.

This is huge at launch time for the world to see that OP is smashing it and will disrupt the IT arena in perpetuity and own the entire internet so to speak.

By launching with superior products and services, will help millions that are really tired of the greed and ready to enjoy the huge and honest benefits.

Please do not call OP an investment,

and MLM, a Network Marketing company, or anything ells that others call themselves,

Please take note;

ONPASSIVE is stand alone brick and mortar IT company. being Incommensurate to anything out there.

For us being a founder, customer and reseller of Onpassive superior quality IT products and services that cannot be found anywhere ells period.

None of us should compare ourselves to anyone.

Only compare the old yourself to the new yourself and our mission should be to become better today vs. yesterday,

we can do that by focusing on what we can do to grow gracefully with more wisdom, with more love for others.

We should never be happy by constantly comparing ourselves to those around us.

Although it is especially hard and increasingly tiresome for me at least, when we’re compared with highlights of other people’s lives in the form of Face book posts, celebrity updates, and countless other moments we face daily.

Just to perceive that someone is smarter than us, better looking than us, and happier than us, even if it isn’t necessarily true or verifiable is totally wrong in my personal opinion.

Waiting for the launch of Onpassive should not be an issue we all should be happy instead because every day the technicians work hard to improve our large echo system and time will come to pass and ONPASSIVE will be even more incredible..

Stay safe, be patient, be well and concentrate on our total freedom that is being offered.


Peace and harmony..

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