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#ONPASSIVE is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar – John White & Bill Must

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OnPassive is as Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!! It is Built to Withstand all who try to Bring It Down!! In Their Futile attempt to cause Harm to OnPassive; they have Forgotten that they Built their Companies on Sand! Those companies will not Survive what is about to happen to them when OnPassive Meets them Head on!! Rock verses Sand and the Victor is Rock!! No matter how Strong the Storms and How Strong the Winds; OnPassive will be Left Standing!! OnPassive is Built on A Rock like Foundation of Love and Compassion Directed to Struggling People!!The Love and Compassion for People Extends not only to OnPassive’s Founders: But to the Entire World!! OnPassive is Simply O-Mazing!! We are Eyewitnesses to a Modern Transformation; When OnPassive Opens its Massive Doors to the World of the Internet; life as we know it will Undergo a Change that History books will record for Posterity; for others to read about!!
OnPassive Founders: We are Living in Extraordinary Times with an Incredible Humanitarian: Mr. Ash Mufareh!! Never has there been a Creator of a Business who told his people to Climb on his Back and he will Carry them Across the Finish Line!! That is what he has done for all Founders in OnPassive!! What a Wonderful Display of Love that Mr. Mufareh has in his Heart!! Mr. Mufareh is Absolutely Built Differently than anyone else who has built a business! Mr. Mufareh’s business model of OnPassive is Matchless!! With Unselfish Love, Mr. Mufareh has Shared the Matchless Gift of OnPassive for the Benefit of the 99% of People who are Not Elite!! Finally, the Masses of Humanity have someone who is Dedicated to Helping Them!! That is Inspirational!! That is Uncommon Love for People!!
There is No Doubt that Mr. Ash Mufareh is a Genius! He is a Genius with Heart!! But he has been able to Attract and Hire those in the Hi-Tech World and the Support and Hospitality Industry; to Match his Vision and Heart and Love for People!! This Incredibly Gifted Technological Staff and Hospitality Staff have been able to Bring Mr. Mufareh’s Vision to Life: Thus, the Creation of OnPassive. We Founders are Grateful and are very Thankful for the group of Dedicated men and women who make up the Technical Staff and Support and Hospitality Staff in India!! They are Brilliant and Represent the absolute Best of The Hi Tech and Hospitality World!!! What makes Mr. Mufareh’s staff So Special is that they Totally believe in what they are doing in OnPassive. It is not just a job that they are doing for OnPassive and OnPassive’s Founders: It is the Commitment and Dedication to a Project that they Know will Change Humanity for the Good of All!!
This Rare Combination of Heart, Love and Caring for people make OnPassive an Unbeatable Force!! OnPassive is that Force for Good: not Bad!! Mr. Ash Mufareh Invited People from all over the World to Join him in this Massive Humanitarian Effort! Over 602,000 Founders have answered the call!! More are coming each day. Very Soon those companies Causing users to lose their Hard-Earned Money from using their Products and Services: Will be Replaced by the Sweet Smell of Success for All Users of OnPassive’s Products!! That Success is Sorely needed by Internet Users!! Welcome to OnPassive.

Beware Dark Purveyors of the Internet: who have Feasted on The Innocent, who use your products: OnPassive is Coming after You!!! Those Shady Dealings are about to be Eliminated!! OnPassive will Expose those Companies; so that their Users will clearly see; that they have been taken for a Ride!! Working and Playing on the Internet Will not be Bad for your Financial and Social Heath; when OnPassive arrives on the scene!! Those Ruthless Companies will be Exposed by OnPassive!! OnPassive Users will Never see a Disclaimer Saying: Use at Your Own Risk!!
Very soon OnPassive will Invite the Users of those companies to the products of OnPassive. They will be Blown Away by the Ease and Simplicity of OnPassive’s Digitally Superior Products!! OnPassive has Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Built for its Users!! They will be able to Improve Relationships, Make Money, Save Money and Improve their Self Worth; Free of Risks!! In OnPassive, the Users will be Treated Royally; like Kings and Queens!! They will be Loved and Respected by OnPassive’s Courteous and Highly Skilled Support Team. Users of OnPassive Products will not have to go to any other company: Everything they Need will be Under one Roof!! How Genius is that !!! The getting lost; in the Maze of the Internet will be Over; when OnPassive Opens Its Inviting Doors to the World!!! OnPassive is going to Light Up the World!! Thanks to Mr. Ash Mufareh and his Staff and The Leadership Council Members: The Treks of the Internet will No Longer be Treacherous!!!

John White USA.

A Bill Must Production

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