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#ONPASSIVE Teambuilding Through Artificial Intelligence

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#ONPASSIVE Teambuilding Through Artificial Intelligence

The human era is nurturing the concept of team building since an era.
A group of people known as a team is working together and depends on each other to gather information, procure the same, and deliver the task at the end of the stipulated time frame.
The concept of team evolved between 1960 to 1980 in so-called industrialized countries.
The result in the collective method in the name of the team or group work is just fantastic!
Thanks to the technological advancement that has introduced superpower like artificial intelligence in front of us.
No wonder that the application of AI is improving the concept of teamwork.

We have come to know about the top-notch concepts like “human in the loop” and partnering with AI chatbots because of artificial intelligence.
The idea of human-computer interaction is a topic of discussion now a day, and AI has given birth to this topic.
Only it can assist you in building a smart team that can be much more productive.
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