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#ONPASSIVE!!! will soon take over the internet – John White & Bill Must

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OnPassive will soon take over the Internet! The Internet is ripe for the taking! Onpassive will not take any prisoners! No company stands a chance to survive when OnPassive opens for business! Look at the Arsenal that OnPassive has under its roof! More than 50 state- of -the -art products poised to wreak havoc on all companies thriving on the Internet and thinking that they are invincible! That kind of thinking borders on delusional. Each of the more than 50 or more products designed by OnPassive could be a standalone, multibillion dollar business! That does not seem fair! Many other companies have just one product. One product that they must compete against another company. OnPassive has over 50 products! It does not stop there: Those other companies, with their one product, compete with other companies, with the same one product! How can all of them stay in business? They are fighting against each other! How smart is that? The products that they have are outdated, and overpriced compared, to OnPassive’s Mega inventory of digital products, over 50 built from the ground up, and price lower than any of those other companies’ products. Are you beginning to see just how scared of OnPassive these companies are? Each, OnPassive product, could be a separate company! And yet all OnPassive’s products are under one roof: The massive roof of OnPassive!
#ONPASSIVE!!! will soon take over the internet -John White & Bill Must

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