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10 values of a founder position with ONPASSIVE – KAUSHIK PANDYA & BILL MUST

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10 Values of a Founder Position with ONPASSIVE !!
1. Owning your own business.
✓ When you pay your fee as a founder, you are given an AI/IT company with a website, like owning your own high-tech business online.
✓ The more accounts you have the more businesses online you own.
2. A perfect business.
✓ Your business is 100% legal and 100% ethical in every country.
3. A wealth creation.
✓ Your business with ONPASSIVE is self-funding and self-sustaining. No debt and no additional cost should come out of your pocket once the first month subscription is paid.
4. All done for you.
✓ It works for you from production to marketing and sale.
5. Mega products.
✓ 50 or more products each with a value of millions if not a billion, and they are revolutionary, superior, affordable, and scalable.
6. Global market.
✓ Your market is global with nearly 5 billion customers of internet users.
7. Residual income.
✓ Your income is residual for life as long as, you are an active Founder member with ONPASSIVE.
8. Growth with ONPASSIVE.
✓ Your business grows as ONPASSIVE grows, with more products, market share and income.
9. Willable and transferabl
✓ Your business is willable and transferable to your children and family or whomever you desire.
10. Make a difference in the world.
✓ ONPASSIVE is a business with love for humanity. You will be able to give more and make a difference for countless people.
Warm Regards. Kaushik Pandya Proud Founder – ONPASSIVE

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