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#AshMufareh in the News – Onpassive building unified, inclusive digital platform

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Onpassive building unified, inclusive digital platform. The company that recently opened its India headquarters in Hyderabad is developing 50 products. Hyderabad: US-based Onpassive, a provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, which opened its India head office in Hyderabad recently, is creating one holistic and inclusive solutions platform driven by artificial intelligence that meets digital needs of enterprises, non-profit organisations, governments, academia and other segments. The company is creating a digital platform that will integrate 40-50 unique and original products developed by its engineers and software developers from across the world, including its Hyderabad team. The company is going to be ready with over 10-12 products by the end of this month, of the overall targeted products. Onpassive CEO Ash Mufareh told Telangana Today, “We focus on people- centric business and are creating one broad-based technology solution. We want to be a value and customer experience driven solution provider catering to varied needs of communication, human resource management, book keeping, accounting, monetisation of business, financial solutions, marketing and education. We will share profits with our resellers and users with our unique business model.” The company believes communication and marketing tools could be the first set of solutions that will be quickly adopted by businesses and individuals. Onpassive wants to break the monopoly in several segments that it is targeting. “Onpassive has already come out with ‘Otracker’ that tracks every IP address and acts as a foundation for data that is based on location, language and product a user has registered for. Everybody on the digital platform will have a dedicated domain name,” he added. Mufareh said digital is data and Onpassive uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to derive data insights to benefit clients yet ensure them of data privacy across the value chain and platform. Onpassive will not monetise any data generated on the platform. Advantage Hyderabad. When asked why the company chose India and Hyderabad for its operations, he said, “There is no place in the world that offers the talent, brain, skill level and the intelligence in information technology than India. Hyderabad particularly offered a mix of benefits to the company than any other city in the country, be it Kolkata or Bengaluru. Hyderabad is a well organised ecosystem with better culture and talent pool.” “Not only for technology and product development, India also offers a huge end-user market that will help Onpassive expand its business rapidly. We are also catering to markets such as Austria, Switzerland and Portugal but India remains a major market in the world because of its large population and user base,” he added. India today represents 40 per cent of the active user base of Onpassive, surpassing the US customer base already. India will cross 50 per cent soon. The company today offers its solutions across 20 countries. There are 4 lakh users in the pre-launch stage of the platform, which is soon going to touch 5 lakh. Onpassive aims to become a unicorn company ($1 billion in 10 years) as well as super-unicorn ($10 billion in 10 years) company. The company remains debt-free as of now.

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