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Founders in OnPassive! Please let us give recognition to some incredible people behind the scenes: These people are Dr. Idris Modi, Timm Johnson and Bill Must of Bill Must Productions! As you have seen the O-Bless format is comprised of founders in OnPassive expressing the love and care that they have for OnPassive and OnPassive’s incredible CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh! The thing that makes this Format so effective is that each person is speaking about what is in their hearts! Nothing is scripted; all heartfelt appreciation for this Massive Giant with Heart: OnPassive is just going to completely revolutionize, the way people live; the way they think; the way they act; the way they love; the way they care for people! Nothing is rehearsed everything is heartfelt! Just feel the emotion that each one’s testimony that comes out! It just explodes with the real fact that OnPassive is a massive changer of Lives! The testimonials of these precious founders are the steppingstones and cornerstones that will Build OnPassive’s brand as the company of Change! The Crusader for the poor and Oppressed !The amazing part about this is that none of them are getting paid for doing this! They are looking for the delayed compensation which we know is coming because as sure as the sun rises and sets; OnPassive is just that real !What better way to have ambassadors who are ordinary people doing Extraordinary things!! Founders with remarkable stories that ordinary people can relate to; that is what makes it so effective! Thank you very much for taking out the time to tell everybody about just how you feel about OnPassive! The stories of their lives intertwine; and if you noticed the thread is always appreciative of the fact that someone out there recognize that there was a total overlooking of a segment of the Society of the world that has been ignored! No more is that the case everyone will be shouting from the mountain that: Yes, I am a part of OnPassive! OnPassive is the mover of people from where they are now living in the misery; to where they are going to be in complete bliss: but they will be taking millions upon millions of people to that level!! What an amazing: An amazing vehicle OnPassive is!! We Founders are living in the best years of our lives and our lives are going to be even greater because now we have something of which we can be proud !The goodness that has been bestowed upon us by Mr. Ash Mufareh and his family; and having the ability to share that love; that joy; that happiness; that all of us have once we become Founders in OnPassive!!

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