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Founders in #ONPASSIVE We Finally have something – John White & Bill Must

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Founders in OnPassive! We Finally have something That Will Reveal What is Deep within our Hearts! It has always been how can we Express what has Dominated our Hearts and Minds?? How can we Help those who we Love? How we can Relieve All of our Financial Limitations? How can we show a Massive Display of Love for people? OnPassive is the Answer that we have been waiting on for a very long time!! OnPassive is a Done Deal!! No Human had ever been able to design, a Company like OnPassive, until a man with a Caring and Loving Heart, Revealed what was in his Heart: Mr. Ash Mufareh has done something that will go down in History as the Greatest Humanitarian aide in our Lifetime: OnPassive!!!
Founders in OnPassive now will have the Power and the Means to bring about a Monumental Change that will benefit Humanity!! OnPassive will soon Unleash this Love that has been Boiling in the Hearts of over 500,000 Loving Founders in OnPassive!! Founders will Touch the Lives, of Hundred of Millions ,of Beautiful People needing help in a World that has forgotten Them!! Love is what Unites us!! OnPassive is Built on Love! We will Never Look Back on what we Didn’t have in our Lives Before OnPassive!! Those were the Dark Days!!! We now only Look Forward to The Rewards for all who Trusted and Believed in this Company called OnPassive!!
OnPassive is the Great Uniter of Hearts and Dreams of Mr. Ash Mufareh!! OnPassive is the Thread of Love that Permeates thru the Hearts of All Founders in OnPassive!! We are on the Precipice of a Totally Awesome Event!! The Unveiling of OnPassive to the World!! Energized and Loving Hearts will Change the World!! Mr. Mufareh, Staff and Founders have those Hearts!! It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive and In OnPassive!!!
John White – United States
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