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GoFounders Welcomes People from 212 Countries To Be A Part of Its Exclusive Journey

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GoFounders Welcomes People from 212 Countries To Be A Part of Its Exclusive Journey
Nearly 5 million startups launch every year, and almost 123,000 fail per day, contributing to nearly 95% of the failure rate. The reasons behind businesses are left disappointed at such a high rate are –

19% due to incompetence in planning
10% due to lack of proper experiences that lead to incorrect high advertisement costs and inventory purchases
29% due to personal issues like time and monetary limitations
23% due to inadequate and inefficient team members and less experienced leaders
14% due to less understanding of consumer requirements
What do you need for your business success?
In such scenarios, these aspects can help a business drive towards a successful business:

Persistence helps startups to stay patient and become stronger while struggling or going through a bad phase.
Know the market, start small, and then think big.
Experienced mentors can guide a business from the start and through the growing stages.
Disruptive ideas help in anticipating a competitor’s plan of action and to understand consumer requirements.
But where to find these aspects altogether? That is precisely where GoFounders comes in. Let’s take a deep plunge into understanding the concept of GoFounders.

Intro of GoFounders
GoFounders is the essence of the digital marketing industry, which helps offline and online businesses succeed by presenting personalized tools and services developed to carry out any marketing activities. The platform also secures the future of its founders by ensuring financial freedom and constant residual income forever.

GoFounders is also a platform that can also be called a business community hosting nearly 2,20,629 global founders. Suppose entrepreneurs are trying to leverage AI in their business processes or wish to utilize automated tools developed by ONPASSIVE. In that case, they can go ahead and register themselves as a GoFounders founder member first, and then they will be looked upon as ONPASSIVE founders as well.

The GoFounders community is one such platform or community that not only enables its global founders to access ONPASSIVE AI tools, but this platform also brings together people from 212 countries under one single roof. The GoFounders community is a hero in everyone’s life. It presents support, status, facts, and a platform for every individual entrepreneur to succeed.

An online team-building platform that presents entrepreneurs with tools required for sending customized invitations to an interested founder member. Registered global founders are enabled to create a team of self-motivated ONPASSIVE founders who have the character of a leader and self-potent to run a team on their own….


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