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How many times have you been told – Red Redfern & Bill Must

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How many times have you been told
‘ I’ll believe it when I see it ‘ ?
Yeah me too many many times !!….
You see this is what makes many of us so different from others because we actually don’t have to see it to believe it…..
What we do have to however is believe… IN…it
Back in July of 2018 a certain guy by the name of Ash Mufareh released two audio videos setting out his vision of an online digital marketing system and what he was trying to achieve in the online space
His idea was brash, brazen and some even might say crazy because what he was proposing to do had never been done before EVER!
He was looking for ‘ Founders ‘ to partner him in his vision… to have the same dream and belief as he did to be able to bring this idea to the masses
I caught this vision in September of 2018 just from listening to this incredible visionary of a man and what he wanted to achieve and boy have I had one hell of a journey
From those humble beginnings way back then to where we are now ready to unleash this mega Complete Online Digital Solution that’s called #ONPASSIVE I couldn’t be happier to have had the belief when I did
So you see ….. sometimes you don’t have to ‘ see it to believe it ‘ ….. sometimes you just have to believe!
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