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I have epilepsy – Lauren Cotter – UNITED KINGDOM

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I Have Epilepsy!
Are you aware of the fact that there are:
65 MILLION: people in the world who have
epilepsy and 3.4 MILLION of those are in the
The United States.
Like me – 1 IN 26 people in the United States
will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.
Those of us with epilepsy experience changes in our
quality of life such as less mobility cognitive challenges.
It has an impact on our ability to learn, school attendance,
employment options, relationships, and social
Having seizures may make it more difficult for us to find a
job or do certain types of work.
Seizures can affect our ability to drive which can make it difficult to get
to work. It’s very hard to keep a job, even when we are lucky
enough to get one.
Some of us need vocational counseling or training to learn new job
skills that can give us the opportunity to seek employment where
seizures won’t be an issue.
When employers learn of our disability, it can lead to loss of employment
or not getting hired in the first place.
The stresses of having to deal with these issues can trigger seizures for some and
unfortunately can lead to a loss of hope and in some cases depression.
• No need to drive.
• No Fear of having a seizure in front of others.
• Temporary Memory Loss wouldn’t matter.
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