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O-counting automating accounting to ease your inventory management

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O-Counting automating accounting to ease your inventory management
Optimize how you keep your accounts records and manage every aspect of your business with the AI-powered O-Counting tool.
Know about O-Counting
O-Counting is an Accounting Software as a Service (SaaS) developed by ONPASSIVE. The
software is dedicated towards providing the users with a stop solution for accounts and its
information. The users of O-Counting have an account equipped with all types of
accounting tools.
O-Counting enables the users to maintain a record of sales, purchase orders, invoices,
chart accounts, cost centers with in a well-designed dashboard making it easy for the user
to navigate while logged in. The USP of O-Counting is that it enables the users to take care
of multiple accounts with respect to locations and companies. Each location of the
operating branches has access to the main account thereby making it easy for the users to
maintain a daily record.
O-Counting is a software service that promises the users to make the update the order
processing details. It helps the user to view account receiving details and payable details. It
enables the user to view inventory details and update branch wise accounting. It helps the
user to select multi-currency and update taxation which further helps in successful
functioning of O-Counting which has a great future in the long run.

Key features of O-Counting.
O-Counting gives you that unparalleled ease and efficiency that you deserve with all your accounting needs. Spanning from inventory management, recording receivables, payables, monitoring expenses and so much more, O-Counting redefines every accounting aspect for you.
View and update branch inventory details from anywhere.

USP – Handle multiple accounts in different locations.
Update the order processing, account receiving and payable details.
Avail Multi-currency policy.
More updates on O-Counting coming keep in touch with us.
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