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#ONPASSIVE a short intro to the product portfolio 2021

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Onpassive PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 2021. O-Cademy a one of a kind application for learners of all ages. O-Bless a community to support good causes and ideas. O-Shop a community to support An online shop to design your brand stationery. O-Staff Automate your resource management. O-Mail a personal business email tool with an organizer. O-Connect A hassle-free audio/ video communication tool. O-Counting Simplify your inventory and account management accounting. O-Trim Shorten, customize, and share links with ease. O-Post an E-mail marketing tool for your bulk email campaigns. O-Wallet A dedicated wallet for Onpassive products. O-Net a revolutionary and secure Social Networking Platform. O-Tracker Track and trace IP Addresses so you know who is visiting your website. O-Capture an image capturing and video recording tool with full editing features. O-Create an A.l-powered website builder that makes creating and developing a website you want easy. O-Chat a webchat engine to improve every customer interaction. O-Peer an internal communication tool to improve performance for businesses. O-Virtual a professional VPN service for the encryption of data and network accounts. O-Dit a picture and video tools to help create make them more appealing to viewers. O-Lead Intuitive and scalable CRM application to generate leads, close deals, and grow your business. O-Domain a domain registration and web hosting platform. These are only a few of the many products to come built from the ground up.

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