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#ONPASSIVE – Agriculture or farming – Bill Must & OP Mayor (HOH)

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#ONPASSIVE – Agriculture or farming – Bill Must & OP Mayor (HOH)

Agriculture or farming is one of the oldest and essential professions in the world. The way humans farm and grow crops has changed drastically over the millennia with the debut of diverse technologies. With the population of the world continually growing and land becoming scarcer, the onus is on the farmers and agriculturists to get more creative and efficient in producing more quality crops using less area.

Despite agriculture being a $5 trillion global industry, the sector is struggling to manage threats to insulate crops against pests, climate change, monocropping, and prevalent pesticide use. These were the reasons for agriculturists to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture. AI in agriculture can be primarily attributed to climate change, population growth, and food security concerns.

The industry now strives to yield healthier crops, monitor soil and growing conditions, control pests, organize data for farmers, assist with the workload, and boost a diverse range of agri-related tasks in the entire food supply chain with the help of AI. Artificial Intelligence is now being utilized in agriculture in various ways.

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