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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: 7 Positive Effects of Quora as a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Quora is a platform where answers are readily answered, any questions related to science, technology, sociology, history and many other things are surrounding in the world as questions they will answer here.

Many people and marketers, in the beginning, believed it’s a common platform which will not be useful for business development. But, if we observe massive traffic for Quora, 1.5 million visitors come across to this online query answer platform that’s clearly showing how vital it is for business to adapt to get the digital marketing benefits. Quora Digital marketing strategy is boosting every day. Many companies are answering their customers based on their questions on these platforms. Some companies are maintaining blogs and other related information, especially to attract customers in this platform. Customer engagement is the foremost important thing which we see in the Quora. There are several reasons why a brand or business must adapt its Digital marketing strategy as Quora.

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