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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Content Marketing

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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Content Marketing
In more than one way, Artificial Intelligence or AI has already made a powerful presence in digital marketing. As a segment of the digital marketing plan, content marketing is also getting blessed by the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The impact has been limited to just a few aspects, like content marketing strategy and content recommendations based on age, demographic locations, personal preferences, etc. There are many to be implemented within a few years from the growing collaboration between AI-powered content marketing tools and content marketers.

Today, we’re going to take a forward leap to see how artificial intelligence is transforming content marketing as well. From determining keywords to creating content strategies and optimizing and personalizing the content, this can be a thing of the past if you trust an AI machine! With so many modifications AI can bring us, we must take a comprehensive look at the complete impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing.


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