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#ONPASSIVE: HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE – . Keep Shinning Bright – Bruce Butterworth – United States

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“are you ready for the day?” or “how is your day going?” are two questions I ask others often in interactions. Of late it’s often answered with “I can’t wait for Friday”, “not great”, or “I wish this pandemic would just end.” I always try responding with something uplifting to maybe boost him/her. If we find ourselves in that same area, here are a couple things to ponder. 1. tomorrow, is not guaranteed. really. I think we all believe it is, but it’s not. so we’ve got to embrace each day like it’s “Friday”. We’ve got one shot at each day, how will we spend it? 2. Most of us, if not all of us, truly have it pretty darn good. A roof, food, water, work, comfort, technology, transportation etc. no really, think about it, we really are so fortunate every day, yet we often don’t think about that, nor give thanks for it. Look, this pandemic has hit every single one straight in the gut, and will continue to for sometime to come. It’s something we simply can’t control. But what we can control is our attitudes, our outlooks, our goal setting, and how we are going to live our lives each and every day here is my challenge to us all. Live for today. Find goals to chase that can be targeted through these challenging times. Bring gratitude and humility to our work, school, athletics, and to all those we pass, even strangers and those that need that boost. And never ever take today, or any day for granted. Together, let’s make this trip count HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE. Keep Shinning Bright
Bruce Butterworth – United States

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