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#Onpassive is a heart changer – John White – United States

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OnPassive is a Heart Changer!! Many who have become Founders in OnPassive were Attracted by the Amounts of Money that they could make by becoming a Founder. We Firmly believe that OnPassive will deliver to its Founders the Wealth that we have Dreamed about all our Life! Then Gradually the Founders Hearts Shifted in a Different Direction!! Those Self- Centered Desires started Changing!! The Dreams and Hopes; now Realized, have been Changed to what can founders do for Others, so that they can Resurrect their Dying Dreams and Hopes!! OnPassive gives its Founders the ability to bring Others where they are! What Company does that!!! Not One company has been Designed to Cater to those who Need Help!! OnPassive is a Heart Changer!! OnPassive has Unlimited Resources to Reverse the Financial Misfortunes of Billions of People!

OnPassive is that Hidden Diamond in The Rough; but not for Long!! We Founders know about the Diamond called OnPassive! The World is getting a Glimpse of that Sparkling Diamond OnPassive; with the Release of its First Product to the Public called O-Cademy!! OnPassive is Bigger than any of us could imagine! OnPassive has gone from Providing a living for its Founders; to where its Founders will Provide a Living for Others!! All of OnPassive’s Founders have been Overtaken by the Desire to Lift others Up!!! OnPassive is a Heart Changer!! OnPassive’s Founders Reflect the Heart of OnPassive;s Creator Mr. Ash Mufareh; who has been Consumed with the Vision of Helping People who need Care and Resources they have a Better Quality of Life!! He has Done that with OnPassive!!

Each day that we wake up we are Closer to all we need Financially! Love is what Makes the World Go Round!! OnPassive is Dripping With that Love!! People Run Away from Hate!! People Run Towards Love!!! OnPassive has an Unlimited Capacity to Totally Change Humanity!! All Founders are Eagerly Waiting to Help!!Over 522,450 Founders Ready to Go!!!

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