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OnPassive is going to cause a giant upheaval on the internet – John White – USA

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OnPassive is going to cause a Giant Upheaval on the Internet!! Companies conducting business online will be turned Upside Down by OnPassive. The Smiles on the faces of owners of those companies will turn into Frowns. The Users, of those companies’ products, have been Frowning, about how they have been Used and Abused by those companies. When OnPassive opens for business very soon: Those Users who join OnPassive will have their Frowns turned into Smiles. OnPassive will take all the Former customers of those companies and make them feel good about themselves! Making and Saving Money, with OnPassive as their company, will put Smiles on the faces of Billions of Internet users! Their Smiles will Light up The Internet. With OnPassive as their Hi-Tech company, they will start Believing in themselves. People will start to connect with families and dear Loved ones, without the Fear of strangers Invading on their Privacy! They will not have to worry about paying their bills each month. Lifestyles will change from bad to Great. All it takes is having the Means to meet the demand. OnPassive will do that for them. Having the phone ring and it not a bill collector on the line asking for you. That puts Smiles on families faces who were frowning before OnPassive! Not having to screen your calls to avoid your uncle who you know will ask you for Money. Your uncle will have a Smile on his face that removed the frown he had if you would have said No!

The Poor and those who are Down and Out will have reasons to want to enjoy life again. That is the Power of OnPassive!! Neighborhoods that have the Homeless living on the streets will no longer have them living on the streets. What a joy that will be ; to put Smiles on peoples’ faces who were mostly Frowning. That is OnPassive’s war against Poverty and Homelessness. That will be felt worldwide! OnPassive Founders will be the Benefactors of those who are looking for a way to Smile again. OnPassive and its Founders will make that happen! All Founders in OnPassive have Big Smiles on their faces because before, OnPassive came into their Lives; most were Frowning. There is so much Loving and Caring in OnPassive and its Founders that Hate do not have a chance!! Never let us Founders forget where we started and where we are Headed!! OnPassive and its Founders and their families and those befriended by the Founders are all going to the Land of Smiles, not Frowns. OnPassive will make the Internet a place for successful, happy and Smiling people. That is the Mission of Mr. Ash Mufareh the creator of OnPassive. We Founders are Supporting you All the Way Mr. Mufareh! Thank you for including us in your Mission!!

John White – United States.


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