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#ONPASSIVE: It’s been a honour and pleasure to work with onpassive – Arjun Razdan – India

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It’s been a honour and pleasure to work with onpassive which is giving us a strong platform to earn and grow and be a founder with the upcoming tech IT giant leading the world with it’s high superior artificial intelligence technology. As we are approaching towards soft launching we r becoming more big and massive and already we are valued over a billion dollars industry within pre launching and we are growing everyday with our abilities and capabilities. Some people are running behind scam projects and don’t understand about artificial that by 2030 artificial intelligence will be 15 trillion dollar market cap and onpassive will be major player in upcoming times and will be having highest market cap. Just like apple which is 2 trillion dollars company with just one mobile ie i phone which is not used by 100 percent but still they are massive. But we have 80 technologies which are basically 80 companies whose mother and father company is onpassive. So don’t miss any chance to be with onpassive to bring a massive change in your life and in your income. Regards. Stay blessed. We are in it to win it.

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