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ONPASSIVE keeps Moving Ahead! – John White & Bill Must

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Founders in OnPASSIVE, as we lovingly wait for the recovery of our Beloved and Compassionate and loving CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh and his fantastic and loving family : Let us reflect on exactly what he has put in place for all of us! ONPASSIVE is a gift! Most of us of the over over 800,000 could not afford something like OnPASSIVE! So Mr. Mufareh in his infinite wisdom and Giving Heart designed a vehicle for all of us: No matter how much money we have ; or Not have; regardless of what race and ethnicity; no
matter what religion; no matter how we think and who we love and where we live, who we believe in; this Gift of OnPASSIVE is truly amazing! We have so much to be thankful for; because it took a man with a compassionate and loving Heart; to be able to want to share something that is totally amazing! OnPASSIVE is what we have been waiting for; all of our financial lives! Never before has been given to us this Gracious Gift to Humanity! We will continue to support Mr. Mufareh and his family and all of the technical staff at our Hyderabad location! Because nothing has changed! We are still on course to help humanity: We are still on course to help those who are homeless and hungry to have a better life !We are still on course to help the students and those who are looking to better their lives ; with the education it takes to live in this world : with the platform that Mr. Mufareh has created with O- Cademy ! We are still on course to Bless Humanity with the platform called O- Bless! We are still on course to help those who need help when it comes to having a better life for everyone! We are continually praying for Mr. Mufareh and his family! We know that they are going to get better because Good always conquer Evil! In his brilliance Mr. Mufareh has created OnPASSIVE with over 50 state of the art digital products; driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that will help everyone breathing on this earth! That is the greater good that is coming from OnPASSIVE! It will not be defeated no matter what circumstances try to stop OnPASSIVE! OnPASSIVE is going to continue it’s journey for the benefit of humanity! We are very close to soft launch; and when that happens; it will change life as we know it; by providing the Financial and time Freedom we are eagerly awaiting for all of us! Continue to do what we have been doing that is being positive! Because we know that OnPASSIVE is bigger than anything that has ever been conceived and created by man to benefit humanity! Thank you Mr. Ash Mufareh for letting us be a part of your family!
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