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#OWOMEN giving honour to where honour is – Patricio Rivers – Netherlands

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the light of honouring and giving extra recognition to the exclusive unique sweet qualities and personality assets of God’s precious creation, the “woman”
As Ash so precisely stated, “you will never see a woman involved in some crazy shoot-out!
Let’s just take a closer look at our very own CEO, and you will perceive he was well raised and trained by a dynamic woman, who is no one else, but his mother. It was so touching in hearing Ash commenting so praise fully, honoring his mother and all other deserving virtuous women in his life.

And of course, another virtuous woman we all as Founders cant help but notice and to whom we all are greatly indebted to is the WIFE of our CEO.
If it wasn’t for this powerful virtuous dynamic woman standing as a supportive pillar at her husband’s side, would there have been an Onpassive Company today?
We should all pause a moment and think about that??!! Then we will all understand clearer why we should all be honouring and lifting her towards the sun as Onpassive’s First Lady Woman Of Women…!!
Patricio Rivers – Netherlands

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