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Suzanne and Sharon Interview with UK LEADER Red Redfern

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| Episode 6 – Interview Red Redfern
Suzanne Deveau and Sharon Parkinson, Interview Red Redfern | Glamping Site Business Owner, Chef and Entrepreneur. He will explain why he has chosen to partner with OnPassive, and how its products and services can help anyone in the hospitality industry.

Since 2018 the Onpassive portfolio has grown to over 50 proprietary products, which are all powered by Artificial Intelligence. In this video we will discuss some of the first 20 products that will be released. All of the products and services of Onpassive will not have any limits imposed on them, and they will be superior to anything currently on the market.

In todays interview we hear from Red Redfern who is currently a Chef and a Glamping Site owner in Spain as well as a leadership council member of OnPassive. Red will use all of the products and services of OnPassive including O-Lead to manage leads, O-Connect and O-Post to communicate with his customers. He will use the targeted traffic to build his OnPassive business.

If you are looking relaxing break in a unique setting in Spain then reach out to Red and his wife Jayne who will be happy to welcome you to their luxury glamping site

If you are an Onpassive Founder and have your own business and would like to share how Onpassive can help you improve efficiencies, reduce cost or to generate a passive income then we would love to hear from you.

We will allow you to share your business name and we will provide a link to your website in the description of the video so if other Onpassive members need your service they will know how to contact you.

Please go to suzanneandsharon.com to book an appointment and we look forward to hearing your story very soon.

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