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A real company with real physical
assets and several dozen digital
products wrapped into a few dozen
seamlessly integrated departments.
Departments that can each stand
alone as individual companies with
billion-dollar valuations.
#1 premium provider of solutions, fully
automated though the use of artificial
intelligence to empower businesses
with the latest, smartest technologies.
All possible by the forward thinkers at
OnPassive that live to use leading-
edge thought in its cutting-edge,
technological counterparts.

Moving our IT offices from Calcutta, then
from Bangalore… We are now the sole
occupant of a building in Hyderabad; also
referred to as HITEC City.
HITEC City: The Hyderabad Information
Technology and Engineering Consultancy
City spreads across some 200 acres under
the suburbs of the combined technology
Our office houses some of the highest
caliber techs, developers, staff, and
engineers the planet has ever produced.
We will continually to develop the company
and currently support a member-base in
more than 200 countries.

OnPassive is an online presence
suitable for billions across the globe as
the Mother of All Business!
OnPassive has worked to
meticulously build this company from
the ground up to introduce the latest
technological advancements,
especially in the field of AI.
A highpoint of human technological
achievement; one of the most
advanced Artificial Intelligence and
Information Technology companies on
the planet.
This company will continue to develop
and release cutting edge products for
decades to come.

Master’s Degree in Information Technology
and e-commerce that’s backed by 25+ years
of real-world marketing experience.
Deeply inspired to deliver next-gen business
A world-class visionary cultivating new
terrain for the digital new world.
Immersed in the development of
revolutionary Al Systems destined to change
the world by shifting the online paradigm
“As long as you’re IN IT…
You’re gonna WIN IT!”.
-Ash Mufareh-

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