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We hear your pain of the long wait – Dr B. Williams & Bill Must

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An members of the Leadership Council, we hear your pain of the long wait. If we see “wait” as improvement and higher development time, we win). But imagine this. The longer the wait the bigger the fruit grows so more apple pie to be served at dinner time. We are now close to pulling the pie out of the oven. As it cools (soft launch and marketing campaigns run for beta testing) we will begin salivating because we know what is about to be served.
Believe it, the apple pie (from a done-for-you, fully integrated, automated, dashboard-controlled, total business solution, reset of the Internet, multiple platform mega-launched, giant unicorn called ONPASSIVE) is far tastier than a bushel of plain apples (from unrelated apps and software programs just cobbled together that we currently must use).
Yes, patience is a virtue and has tangible extra benefits. So we wait, we wonder, and we ponder how we will share our slice of the Big Apple.

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