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Why am I with #Onpassive – Zorica Pranjic – Germany.

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Why am I with Onpassive? No one can tell you the why. Everybody has his inner drive, his motivation, so a reason why he or she does it. I am convinced that there is a reason, that one hears about it, sees this interview, is addressed, reads a mail or message. Somehow you get in contact with it. In different ways.I will write it in keywords:- Because of the products that the market needs, innovative and completely new.- It is so simple, one must secure only by registering a founder position.It- Interesting for every networker, self-employed, or entrepreneur because you can present your own product or service on the platform and thus trigger a turbo, because of the traffic and because it will be accessible to millions of users. Currently about half a million already.- It is not MLM but is marketed and driven fully automatically by AI target traffic in its core- Because of Cat Mo.Complete digital solutionAutomated Artificial IntelligenceTarget TrafficMoney for everyone)- One automatically becomes wealthy after the official launch and thus after a short time through steadily growing income.- It is something that any human could do and he will be successful with it, guaranteed! Whether young or old. Whether businessman or grandma.- One simple interface to access all products- The tool to help people improve their lifestyle, family, friends, charities, foundations etc- Onpassive gives and guarantees us as founders our success, and not only that but even mega success!- Because it will be gigantic and everybody goes online or is online every day.- Everything is fully automated, you don’t have to do anything, neither recruit, manage, mentor, build, sell, bring customers, etc.No, the company does it for us. We get millions of customers for business and personalized internet solutions.- It’s a complete digital internet solution, with about 50 products that are ingenious and developed with the highest AI technology.- The AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is the mainframe computer works for us and is indispensable in many technological fields, development, and research.- Because it is an economic, technological and human revolution that will go down in history.- It will be the biggest company in the world.- Onpassive is the latest cutting-edge technology in many fields, the new Internet.- Because I recognize the value of the company and the value Onpassive gives me and humanity through the paradigm shift.- Because not only will you have tremendous growth financially through it,but you also grow internally as a person.You ask yourself more and more: what value do I bring to people?- Because I want to finally live my life in happiness, freedom, prosperity, and abundance as never imaginable before.- Because I love Onpassive and appreciate people.- Because I want to make others happy so that they actually realize their dreams finally and shortly.- Because I am grateful for everything I have learned and experienced through many gofounders around the world.- Because I will earn money even while I sleep through “clicks”- Because I can leave something to my children and their children for a carefree future.- Everyone will find what they are looking for in Onpassive. Zorica Pranjic – Germany. A Bill Must production

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