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5 Interesting Facts About Hyderabad
The centuries-old city of Hyderabad is the largest city and the capital of Telangana, India. It’s also the capital de jure of Andhra Pradesh. Due to its ancient history and location along the banks of the Musi River on the Deccan Plateau in the norther region of South India, Hyderabad has become a popular destination amongst tourists around the globe. Lovers of history and nature alike flock to the city, thanks to its allure. While the attractions are vast, let’s take a look at five of the most interesting facts about the city of Hyderabad.

The land of Charminar. Ask anyone who lives in or who has traveled to Hyderabad what their favorite things about the city is and they’ll be sure to include the Land of Charminar on their list.
It’s one of the most beloved and distinguishable monuments in the whole of India.
It was constructed in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynsasty and functioned as both a mosque and a landmark that honors the influence that the Muslim Turkomans had on India.
The architectural interest of the granite and lime structure rise up into the sky and make quite a grand statement.
It’s home to the largest monolithic Buddha statue.
Rising up from the middle of Hussain Sugar Lake in Lumbini Park, the Buddha Statue of Hyderabad is the largest statue of Buddha in the world. Carved out of a single piece of rock, it stands 18 meters or 59 feet tall and weighs around 450 tons.
It’s home of the largest film study in the world.
When people think of film studios, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Universal usually come to mind.
While these studios may be large, there’s one that’s even bigger and it can be found in Hyderabad. That film studio is Ramoji Film City.
Founded by Ramoji Rao, a Telugu film producer, in 1996, this film studio comprises more than 2,000 acres of land and millions of people visit Ramoji Film City each year to see how the magic of the movies take place, and to enjoy amusement parks, vast shopping complexes, health and wellness facilities, and nature activities. It’s an extremely popular wedding destination, too.
The largest diamond in the world was mined in Hyderabad.
The Koh-i-Noor, the largest diamond in the world, was found in Golconda, a mine in Hyderabad, during the Kakatiya dynasty. The 105 karat diamond was surrendered to Queen Victoria when the British took control of the area. The Hope and Nassak Diamond were also found in or near the same location.
The City of Pearls.
Diamonds aren’t the only precious gemstones found in Hyderabad; it’s also famous for pearls.
It’s one of the largest natural pearl drilling and trading centers in the world. Hyderabad has been supplying India and the world with some of the finest pearl jewelry for more than 400 years.
So there you have it; five interesting facts about Hyderabad, and those just scratch the surface of interesting things that this city has to offer. With so much beauty and allure, it’s easy to see why Hyderabad is such a popular destination.

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