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C.E.O’s of other companies reacting when ONPASSIVE opens to the world – John White & Bill Must

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We are slowly recovering from the shock of what has happened to all companies online and offline with the opening of OnPASSIVE TO the world! We stopped off at social platforms like Facebook. Like all the rest of these platforms, the way they have been making money is that they are selling the personal data of their clients to the highest bidder! We have done that for Decades! OnPASSIVE is not taking any data and selling it to the highest bidder! That’s almost impossible ; but they have accomplished that! It starts out with I guess: The C.E.O. of OnPASSIVE: Ash Mufareh! He has taken OnPASSIVE to a level that will not be reached by any other company!!What a disruption of what we have been doing for decades upon decades! Now this man of integrity ; we now must compete against! It is not fair: But it has not been fair to the users of our products!
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