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Founders are grateful to our technical and hospitality staff in India – John White & Bill Must

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OnPassive Founders, Love and are Grateful to our Technical and Hospitality staff in India! OnPassive has been able; with the Direction of Mr. Ash Mufareh, to hire the most Qualified and Experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineers on the Planet! These Amazing professionals have No Equal! They are the best that any Hi- Tech company could employ. The Hub of the Technology world has a New home. It is no longer Silicone Valley in The U.S.A., it is Hi-Tech City called Hyderabad in the country of India! All the Giants in the Hi- Tech Industry have moved their Major operations to Hyderabad! OnPassive operation are in Hi- Tech City. That location speaks to the Genius of OnPassive creator; Mr. Ash Mufareh. He has an Innate Ability to be able to discern where to go and what to do! His hiring of the Staff points to his Genius! OnPassive’s Technical Staff and Hospitality staff are composed of some of the most Gifted Minds in their Industries. These women and men come from some of the largest Hi- Tech companies in existence. Why did they leave those companies and come to OnPassive? They were Drawn by OnPassive;s Business Model of Love for people instead of Profits! The Key Ingredient that makes OnPassive is Love!! Love Draws people together; not repels people! The word is getting out about OnPassive!! What a Blessing for the People and Anxiety for companies who are Competitors of OnPassive!

OnPassive is not on the cutting edge of this new Technology: Onpassive IS the Cutting Edge of this new Technology!!! The Engineers and Designers of OnPassive’s products are Committed to Building its products from the Ground Up! That is the Mind of Mr. Mufareh! Do not be Misled!! OnPassive’s State of the Art Digital Products may look like products used by other companies online and offline: but that is where the similarity stops!! The Technical Staff has been able to refine and Improve on AI and ML to levels never Imagine; Let alone Invented!! Those Technologic Behemoths Have Accomplished the Impossible!! AI and ML codes that cannot be Duplicated!! That Technology is Proprietary Properties of OnPassive! That makes us Founders feel comfort in knowing that OnPassive is protected and so are we. It should create Discomfort for OnPassive’s Competition! That is what the Technical Staff has Given us!!

Thank all of you from the Bottom of our Collective Hearts!!! We also as Founders want to thank the Hospitality and Service Staff for taking Loving care of The Technical Staff! You dear men and women have created an Environment that is safe to work in and Aesthetically Beautiful All of you are the Top of The Line and Masters of your Craft!! All of you Loving, Dedicated and Motivated Staff make up the very Core of OnPassive!! Thank you, Mr. Ash Mufareh for Bring the Complete Package, to OnPassive What an Outstanding Accomplishment Sir!! Because of All that you and your Family have done for us: We are All Winners and so will the People we Love!!

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