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Dr. Bill Williams describes the Six Characteristics of a Genius at Work, Ash Mufareh the CEO and Founder of ONPASSIVE.

1. Imagination: Mindset sift leading to a paradigm shift in how we do work, how things work, what we call work, and the results we can get from our work.

2. Innovation: Adding ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and MACHINE LEARNING to state-of-the-art, 2021 information and internet technology enables ONPASSIVE to surpass all of the competition in a single bound, faster than a speeding bullet. Additionally, the innovation that is GoFounders means that ONPASSIVE will start, while still in prelaunch, with right at one million founders, resellers, and customers, a feat that has never before been accomplished in the history of business worldwide.

3. Diversification: First, the 50+ tools, services, products and portfolios that make up the ONPASSIVE ecosystem are pure genius in protection of the earning capacity of ONPASSIVE. Not betting on one single horse to bring home the prize is smart and creates a dramatically higher chance of success for the company and its founders. Additionally, having acceptance and customers in 213 countries and territories, capability in 108 languages, and leadership stemming from 20-30 countries in prelaunch is a stroke of genius.

4. Consolidation: OPAL will be the dashboard for the individual to direct their entire life. OPEER will be the dashboard for corporates to direct their company’s life. These are but two of the portfolios in ONPASSIVE that will be the conning towers, the computer research center for each individual or corporate account. The day of a truly mobile lifestyle is here. We are freed from a building, a city, a state, even a country. Now as Global Citizens we can have the Laptop Lifestyle of Our Dreams.

5. Monetization: ONPASSIVE’s secret sauce is the compensation plan that assures that the 97% succeed. The 3% can always make it in any situation but for the 97% who don’t always have an easy path to success, ONPASSIVE has automated the way to get there and offers it to those who choose to be founders, resellers and even customers. In ONPASSIVE, if you are in, YOU WIN. There is no better income opportunity anywhere than ONPASSIVE. Ash has given everyone a NO RISK, Money Back Guarantee Low Cost Access to become a member to this income stream. It is a two thumbs up, five star rating.

6. Perseverance: Robert Waterman wrote about “sticking to the knitting” in IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE. Ash Mufareh has stuck to his roots, his “knitting” which is in combining marketing expertise, information technology, and people development in creating the phenomenon that is ONPASSIVE.
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