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Mr. Ash Mufareh is a man with a vision for the future

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Mr. Ash Mufareh is a man with a vision for the future. A
a selfless person who thinks less about himself and more
about people struggling to make a stand on their own to
lead a prosperous life.
He conceptualized OnPASSIVE in July 2018 and will
launch this company to the world soon.
His goal is to help 98% of the people who have never
succeeded in an online business.
He realized that online business is becoming a tech-driven
industry and very few companies offer overall Business
Automation Solutions.
As a result, he created an AI-driven Automated Platform
providing these much-needed business solutions.
His Portfolio of Products aims to help every business type
automate their operations to enhance their output.
This Proprietary Portfolio of Products will take
OnPASSIVE to a level never seen before
in the online or offline business world.
Our Products will simplify the complexities of your
business needs and provide:
Security – Highly secure AI-driven applications.
Automation – Solutions that streamline your business
process for improved results.
Reliability – We are a community of over 650,000 who
are committed to building futuristic applications and
technological solutions.
The reason OnPASSIVE has increased in value over the
last 3 years is because Ash Mufareh developed a strategic
plan to provide innovations unlike anything you have seen
He also created an original, proprietary pay plan
that will be revealed to all Founding Members before
OnPASSIVE Launches to the World!
Imagine the majority of the revenue distributed to all
Founders and Resellers instead of just a few at the top.
His Generosity is absolutely Mind Blowing!
Join us on this Amazing Journey and become a
Founding Member Today!

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