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212 countries @ GOFOUNDERS – OPMayor.
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The GoFounders community currently has its presence in nearly 212 countries and has 220,629active global founders coming together within a single platform.
This is an achievement in its own right! These GoFounders/ONPASSIVE founders would be able to access all the AI-driven tools and benefits once they become a founder member. Currently, only a few people can become global founders and register by personal invitationfrom pre-registered founder members only through webinars or emails.

GoFounders aims to provide a stress-less, tension-free, and effortless life to its global founders with a fully-automated business in hand.

GoFounders is currently building the world’s most profitable digital network that is simple and responsive.
Anyone can use this opportunity to build a successful business strategy using artificial intelligence.
Who doesn’t wish to have a business in auto-pilot mode and spend some personal free time?
Who doesn’t want to have an endless flow of residual income, which ensures comfortable life forever?
And GoFounders provides the global founders with an excellent team that shares the same objectives and purposes.
The GoFounders community has already been making a huge impact and presently receiving thousands of registration requests every week. And currently, this GoFounders family has more than 2,20,000 members worldwide and doesn’t look to stop ever.


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