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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: How to plan a perfect video

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It is a known fact that videos are more engaging than a long text. You can say a whole lot with a just a few minutes of video which if converted to text can take a long time to draft and also makes a rather tiring read as well. With the surge in the use of online platforms videos have started to play a crucial role in getting the much needed social attention.

Most brands have now developed their online niche and are marketing their products through promotional and explanatory videos. It is needless to stress on the point how crowded the online channels are nowadays and the potential that they hold to up the growth of any brand.

Keeping this in mind videos have become highly crucial to anyone seeking to build on an online repute and connect with their customers or attract more prospective customers. Apart from this the financial advantage that various online video platform offers is rather hard to ignore. YouTube alone comprises the major chunk of the online video traffic followed closely by Facebook. There are many Youtube, FaceBook and TikTok celebrities who have gained global fame due to the engaging videos that they share.

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