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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – Marketers Create Videos for Next Gen with AI Technology

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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – Marketers Create Videos for Next Gen with AI Technology
The entrance of multiple readily available tools is making the marketers’ job very complicated. For those who create videos to reach customers, artificial intelligence tools hold the promise to interpret the wave of data efficiently. This data helps marketers to promptly make informed content decisions as well as save money and time.

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence or AI is contributing to the evolution of video content at an accelerated pace. Video is arguably the go-to platform that most businesses currently use for content marketing, and its growth is sure to continue to skyrocket.

For beginners, creating quality video content demands a significant investment in talent, time, and costs of video creation, and that costs can easily surpass other content development platforms and processes. Fortunately, AI and machine learning advancements enable marketers to create videos in streamlined and accelerated workflows and create more targeted content in a shorter time and with fewer resources.


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